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I have known Richard Watt of Sunco Mortgage for approximately 25 years and dealt with him frequently over the years, both professionally and in an investor capacity. He deals with his clientele with fairness and integrity and provides all pertinent facts to both the lender and the borrower with full disclosure of the details of the transaction.

He is honest and tactful and his fees are reasonable and consistent. I highly recommend Richard as a mortgage broker.
- Lise Wiggins, Retired Notary Public

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When the bank says 'no' or is just slow in the process, contact me by phone or email for some quick advice on your best options for mortgage financing. Whether you are buying real estate or wanting to free up some equity cash. Straight-forward mortgage information custom fit to YOUR needs.

Qualifications are easy - Approvals are quick - Terms and Conditions in writing that allow you to compare to other equity mortgage lenders. 

Be cautious when searching for equity-based mortgage financing or home equity loans. Interest rates, lender and placement fees, terms and costs can be confusing when placed amongst a mound of paperwork. A short, straight-forward talk with me will ease your frustration and could save you a lot of money.

Sunshine Coast Private Lenders make decisions that make sense.
All contacts are confidential.